No Gag Impressions!

Are you one of the many people that dread having an impression taken of your teeth? Does the thought of a tray full of impression material in your mouth make you want to gag?

Fortunately, there is a remedy for this. It is known as a digital impression. In the case of a digital impression, a computerized scanner is used to capture a digital image of your teeth and/or gums. From this image, a dental laboratory can fabricate crowns, bridges, partial dentures, occlusal guards, and many other dental appliances.

There are several advantages with digital impressions as compared to the traditional putty type tray impressions. Some of these are:

Digital impressions do not involve the insertion of any trays, putty, etc. into your mouth. Only the tip of the digital scanner is inserted into the patient’s mouth. There is absolutely no mess involved with digital scanning. Even patients that have a very sensitive gag reflex can typically tolerate the procedure with no problem.

Digital impressions reduce the number of steps it takes to fabricate a dental crown. A dental crown can be fabricated directly from the digital image obtained by the scanner. In many cases, digital impressions allow the patient to receive their dental restoration from the dental laboratory more quickly. With digital impressions, there is no need to ship impressions or models, etc. to the laboratory as this can be done electronically with the click of a button.

At Bushnell Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, we proudly use the award-winning TRIOS intraoral scanner for our digital impressions. The TRIOS intraoral scanner has often been recognized for its superior accuracy. Patients often comment how quick and easy the digital impressions are and how much they prefer this to the previous putty type tray impressions. For more information about the TRIOS intraoral scanner and how digital impressions can benefit you, please contact our office.

Traditional Impressions

Digital Impression