Millions of Americans suffer from head, neck and/or jaw pain.  In some cases, a bad bite may be the source of the problem.  The head and neck muscles, as well as the jaw joints must try to adapt to an incorrect bite position. If the body is unable to adapt, painful conditions may occur.  Some common signs of a bad bite may include worn teeth, broken teeth/chipped teeth, gum recession, loose teeth, exposed tooth roots, notched tooth roots, and more.

Dr. Novak has been specifically trained in the art and science of creating a bite in which your teeth, bones, muscles, and jaw joints are in harmony.  This is known as a physiologic bite or a neuromuscular bite.  Dr. Novak completed extensive training and earned his Fellow status at the prestigious Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies in Las Vegas, Nevada which is recognized as a leader in this field.

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